image2120Reaching—Love Affairs with Industry

By: Richard Muther

ISBN: 1-58597-384-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-58597-384-2

Leathers Publishing
Overland Park, Kansas
224 pages
Hard Cover

Richard Muther, at age 93,  records the activities that led him to success — beyond all expectations.  This is his story, but every student, teacher, consultant and manager will find chapters that inspire and enlighten.  Here was a man who bridged the gap between academia and business and who has contributed perhaps more than anyone else to a true science of planning.

The twentieth century was a time of unlimited possibilities.  It saw advances in manufacturing, in communications, in transportation, in project planning and Richard Muther was involved with all of them in one way or another.  Constantly seeking new ideas, he has been honored by many professional societies and in China, Sweden and the Netherlands as an innovator.  In this autobiography he reveals the keys to his success.  A fun, and entertaining read for anyone interested in management, leadership, entrepreneurship, or just good career planning.

Foreword by Craig Rowley

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