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cpsCreating Personal Success
or How to Succeed Through Personal Strategic Career Planning

By: Richard Muther

ISBN: 0933684-05-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-933684-05-8
40 pages
Soft cover; comb binding

Explains and illustrates an easy-to-follow six step procedure for preparing personal career plans.  Includes Working Forms for setting goals, making realistic plans, taking resolute actions, and periodically reviewing and revising your goals and plans.  Ideal for young people looking ahead.  Written with the expectation that most 21st century adults will have multiple careers.  Based on the premise that periodic and effective planning is ultimately more important than any specific plan of the moment.

Ideal for guidance and career counselors who wish to systematize their approach, improve their productivity, reach more people and improve their professionalism. Also useful for parents and grandparents wanting to provide guidance without being overbearing or limited to specific suggestions.

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